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For parents


Our ethos

'Fit for Life' - we believe passionately that when children are exposed to regular sports, fitness and exercise in a fun and engaging way the desire to stay fit and active is embedded for life.


A child's health is a priority for most parents and extensive research points to key evidence linking participation in physical activity  to an improvement not only in the children's health and wellbeing but also in their educational attainment, due to an ncrease in  attention span, social skills and confidence.


Other benefits include:

  • Gaining new skills in sport,

  • Cooperation,

  • Turn taking,

  • Patience,

  • Coordination,

  • More energy,

  • Time away from electronic devices and TV,

  • Better communication,

  • Greater Self esteem,

  • Stronger immune system,

  • Stronger bone and muscle structure,

  • Improved memory and

  • Better mental health.

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