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Q: How do I make a booking?

A: You can download a registration form from the website or pick one up from St John's  C of E school or Theydon Primary school and drop it back at the school office or email it to us at or post it to 21 Spring Grove, Loughton, Essex, IG10 4QB

Q:What information do you need?

A:We need the registration form fully filled in.

If they have any medical or educational needs please fill in the appropriate box on the form, including if they have extra help at school as this will help us meet their needs during the camp.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A:You can pay in one of 3 ways:

BACS, sort code 09 01 28 account number 39542167,

cheques made payable to Allsports kids, please write your child's name on the back of the cheque.

 cash in an envelope with the child's name clearly marked on the outside

Q:Will my child be with their friend?

A:For many of our activities the children are able to choose the groups they are in. For the sports sessions we group the children according to age and that can change on a day to day basis depending on the number and ages of children on the day. We do our best to keep friends together wherever possible.

Q: What should my child bring?

A: They need a snack, drink, and lunch.

QWhat should my child wear?

A: They need comfortable clothes that are suitable for sports and getting mud or  paint on. They can bring spare shoes for indoors if it's muddy e.g plimsolls. If it's hot then a hat is a must and suncream and a raincoat in winter.

Q:What if my child doesn't settle at camp?

A:If you have any concerns about your child settling at camp please let us know before hand. We can therefore make sure our staff are aware. We understand how daunting it can be the first time, but have never yet had anyone not settle. The beauty of St John's is that it is a small site and many of the children go to school there and so the children feel very comfortable. If your child was really unhappy then we would call you.

Q:What are the collection and drop off arrangements?

If you have booked flexi-time you can drop your child any time between 8.30-9.30. The gates will be closed at 9am and if you have booked flexi-time then just call Caroline on 07990515986 and a member of staff will let you in. The gates will then be opened at 9.30-9.45 for all the other children. If you arrive after that please call the above number.

The gates will be reopened at 4.30pm.  If you need to pick up before 4. 30, please call Caroline on 07990515986.

Q:What if it rains?

A: We check the weather each day and always have a contingency plan as it is England! Because we are a small camp we are able to change the timetable around and do art, or inside games instead  if the weather is inclement. Please make sure that your child has a raincoat and a spare set of clothes if it looks wet as they do enjoy getting wet and if they have a change of clothes then they can get out for some fresh air.

Q: Can I pay by childcare vouchers?

Yes you can.

Our address is St John's C of E school, High Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5RX

Please see below for our codes for the following providers

Bravo Benefits- just call them and give them the above address. No code needed

Care4  68066502

Childcare Gramt Payment service ccG 3865555

Comp;utershare Voucher  0026400440

Cooperative Flexible Benefits 85120745

Edenred P21246447

Faircare ALLS0719

Fideliti ALL178C

Kiddivouchers N115597

Reward Gateway  01554526340

Sodexo  901022

Tax Free Childcare 50047181737

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